Meet the Staff


Michelle is the founder and Executive Director of Peace of Mind: Your Journey, Your Way. She brings over 30 years of experience in the disability field and can’t imagine doing anything else with her time. Michelle has volunteered for many organizations in Laramie including United Way of Albany County, Special Olympics, Central VFD auxiliary, and the American Red Cross. She recently accepted a position with the Red Cross to serve as the Disability Integration Lead for the State of Wyoming. Michelle spends every possible spare moment in the mountains playing in her Jeep with her husband and dogs, Jake and Tala.

Michelle is in the middle of a group of three with her arms around the others, and in the bleachers of a UW game. She is smiling, has purple hair that is tied up, and is wearing a dainty necklace and purple shirt with white lace details. On her left is her husband Brian, who is smiling and wearing a brown shirt and baseball cap. On her right is a (male) participant who is smiling and wearing a Rockies shirt and Thunder snapback.
Logan is standing with his wife with fall woods in the background. Logan is smiling, has short brown hair, and is wearing a red plaid shirt. His wife is smiling, has long blonde hair, and is wearing a black choker and white off the shoulder shirt.


Logan has worked in the field of disability support services for the last six years. He achieved an associate’s degree in education back in 2018 and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Communication. When Logan is not working at Peace of Mind he likes to hike, fish, and spend time with his wife Paige and his three dogs Bennie, Ellie, and Nox.


This is Zada, a 22-year-old born and raised in Laramie, Wy. She cares for her sister, cat, turtle, two rats, and fish. She has worked with Peace of Mind since it started. In her free time, Zada enjoys dancing, spending time outdoors, and spending time with her loved ones.

Zada is standing on the left with her sister next to her and holding her cat. She is smiling, wearing glasses and a patterned sweater with her brown hair down. Her cat is a patterned tabby who is staring straight into the camera. Her sister is also smiling, wearing glasses, and has her brown hair down. She is wearing a purple sweater.
Mondell is standing in front of railing with the ocean in the background. He's smiling and wearing a yellow shirt and backwards cap.


This is Mondell Tolman, and he’s been a DSP for over three years now. He loves playing video games and spending time with his wife and two cats.


This is Breana Bradford, also known as Giggles. She’s originally from California and moved to Laramie to pursue her college degree. She received her associate’s degree in Social Sciences from LCCC and then her bachelor’s degree from the University of Wyoming in General Studies with concentrations in Ag & Nat, and Social Sciences. She did, however, decide to switch gears and become a DSP. She has been a DSP for just over a year now and really enjoys working with the participants. She also works at Landmark Event Staffing helping with the University of Wyoming sporting events. She enjoys sports, outdoor activities, and spending time with her friends and family.

Breana is crouching on a rocky beach in front of a lake and mountains in the distance. She is smiling, wearing a bandana, a blue-green long t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up, shorts, and sneakers.


Lynora Tolman attended UW here in Laramie and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics with a minor in African American and Diaspora Studies. She has over three years of experience as a DSP. Her interests include loving on her pets (two cats, a rat, and a zebrafish), botany, cosmetics, and social justice.


This is Karri Waggoner and she has been working for Peace of Mind for less than 1 year. She enjoys sporting events and spending time with her family. She enjoys working with our participants and helping in the community.


This is Byanca. She has only recently started work as a DSP. She is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology with minors in Spanish and Music. Through this job, she has learned many new skills and enjoys spending time with participants. Outside of work, she loves to spend time with her friends, go on walks, embroider, and play clarinet!


This is Chelsee Dellinger. She has worked as a DSP for about 6 years, has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and has enjoyed providing support and companionship to our participants over the years. She also flies Blackhawk helicopters as her other job and is working towards becoming an airline pilot. She loves spending time with her husband and two dogs. They love to camp, travel, be outside, and ride bikes!

Chelsee is sitting on what appears to be a ledge with beautiful scenery of a large body of water is behind her. She is wearing a black t-shirt, a blue hoodie tied around her waist, and her hair in a braid.



Brian has been with Peace of Mind since the beginning, but we finally put him on the payroll in April of 2022. Brian maintains our fleet, provides transportation services, and assists participants with home and auto maintenance issues. Brian is a volunteer Firefighter for Albany County Fire District #1 Central VFD and an American Red Cross volunteer. In his free time, he enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, Jeep rides in the mountains, and spending time with his wife and dogs, Jake and Tala.

Brian is standing in front of an ACFD #1 fire engine smiling. He is in his fire fighting gear (and an average sized human).