• Two people are smiling for a selfie with a background of a forested mountain and sky. On the left, she is wearing dark sunglasses with a dark shirt and her dark brown hair is in a short bob. On the left, she is wearing a patterned white shirt and blue/purple colored sunglasses, with her light hair in a short bob with bangs.
  • Two people are standing in a park taking a selfie in the summer. The one on the right is holding up a peace sign. He is wearing sunglasses, a backwards cap, and a grey sweatshirt. The one on the left is holding a black and red basketball. He is wearing a blue snap back with a team logo and a black t-shirt with yellow words that are mostly covered.
  • Two people are smiling for a selfie in a well-light room, but the one on the rights' torso is facing to the right and they're almost behind the other person. He is also wearing glasses, a dark t-shirt, a fanny pack and a fishing hat. The person on the left is wearing a backwards ball cap and glasses. She is also wearing a blue flannel over a black shirt and a thin necklace.
  • Two people are standing in front of a fire truck smiling for the photo. On the left, she is wearing a grey beanie, brown coat, blue pants and Uggs. On the right, he is wearing a red coat, jeans and Crocs. On the far right there is an additional fire fighter sitting and looking away.
  • Two people are smiling and taking a selfie in front of a tree in the summer. On the left is a male with short brown hair and a colorful button down shirt. On the right is a female with long brown hair, glasses, and a bucket hat with butterflies.

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Mission Statement:

Peace of Mind aspires to provide quality services designed to embolden individuals with disabilities and acquired brain injuries to challenge barriers and create the life they have imagined.

We are committed to building a strong, inclusive community with full access to resources and opportunity for all.

We practice a team-focused approach with a solid foundation of integrity, accountability, advocacy, and compassion.

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