Board of Directors:

Michelle (Executive Director)

Michelle is the founder and Executive Director of Peace of Mind: Your Journey, Your Way. She brings over 30 years of experience in the disability field and can’t imagine doing anything else with her time. Michelle has volunteered for many organizations in Laramie including United Way of Albany County, Special Olympics, Central VFD auxiliary, and the American Red Cross. She recently accepted a position with the Red Cross to serve as the Disability Integration Lead for the State of Wyoming. Michelle spends every possible spare moment in the mountains playing in her Jeep with her husband and dogs, Jake and Tala.

Michelle is in the middle of a group of three with her arms around the others, and in the bleachers of a UW game. She is smiling, has purple hair that is tied up, and is wearing a dainty necklace and purple shirt with white lace details. On her left is her husband Brian, who is smiling and wearing a brown shirt and baseball cap. On her right is a (male) participant who is smiling and wearing a Rockies shirt and Thunder snapback.

Craig (Treasurer)

Craig has provided accounting services for Peace of Mind since the beginning. Craig has been serving the Laramie community for many years leading the Paratransit and SafeRide programs operated through the University of Wyoming. He has a Bachelor’s degree from UW in Psychology & Criminal Justice and is currently earning a Master’s degree in Business Administration. True to the Wyoming culture he grew up in, Craig loves being outdoors, whether it is fishing or hunting with his family. But he won’t ever forget to hang out indoors with all his adorable reptiles.

Zada (Member)

This is Zada, a 22-year-old born and raised in Laramie, Wy. She cares for her sister, cat, turtle, two rats, and fish. She has worked with Peace of Mind since it started. In her free time, Zada enjoys dancing, spending time outdoors, and spending time with her loved ones.

Zada is standing on the left with her sister next to her and holding her cat. She is smiling, wearing glasses and a patterned sweater with her brown hair down. Her cat is a patterned tabby who is staring straight into the camera. Her sister is also smiling, wearing glasses, and has her brown hair down. She is wearing a purple sweater.